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The Outsourcing of Healthcare Treatment in India has undergone a drastic change in recent years by making India the World class Healthcare provider in much lesser price.

Hospitals have gone under major renovations and expansions, thus making the above concept possible in India. As all these changes have been made, there are challenges faced by the patient within India and outside India.

The challenge is to find the best set of doctors, hospitals and Hotels for accommodation.

A hospital marketing itself in a particular country would only advice the specialties of their own Hospitals while it may not be best in all kinds of treatments.

This is where Dawaiyatra (A unit of TS Medic Tour LLP) steps in to give you a detailed knowledge of the various treatments in India, specialties of Hospitals, best

Doctors and Best hotels near Hospitals.

  • Pre arrival
  • Post Arrival
  • Accommodations
  • Appointment with doctors
  • Treatment in Best Hospitals
  • Transportation
  • Follow Ups

With so many advantages provided by, it has clear edge over other medical tour operators or for that matter even the hospitals. Due to this it is being chosen by foreign and domestic patients for their treatments and trusted by them.


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