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Union Budget 2017 – Healthcare for All


Union Budget 2017 – Healthcare for All

Importance of health cannot be undermined because wealth of the people will be useless if they are not able to reap it’s benefits. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley while declaring the Union Budget 2017,has committed to take several steps in the Health sector.  Below are the points presented by Arun Jaitley at the Union Budget session 2017

  1. Take constructional reforms in medical practice and education
  2. Eleminate diseases like Tuberculosis and Measles competely from the country
  3. Convert 1.5 lakhs health sub centers to health wellness centers to ensure quality healthcare
  4. 2 New All India institute of Medical Sciences ( AIIMS) will be set up in the states of Gujarat and Jharkand
  5. Availability of drugs at reasonable prices. Aim to reduce the cost of life saving drugs
  6. Senior citizens will be issued Adhar card with their health conditions mentioned on it
  7. Bring down the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) down to 100 by 2020

He also mentioned about the scheme for Pregnant Women introduced by Prime Minister Narender Modi on December 31 2016. This scheme aims at transferring Rs 6000 to bank accounts of the pregnant woman who undergo institutional delivery and vaccinate their children

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