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Udayan Hospital Patna

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Udayan Hospital Patna The Indira Gopal Institute of Medical Sciences -Udayan Hospital is a Multi-Super Specialty Institute located in Patna, Bihar. It has the latest and best infrastructure and advanced equipments in terms of technology for treatments and emergencies. The hospital offers high standards of healthcare services that have attracted many locals and patients of the remote and rural areas. They provide personalized Healthcare services to patient with care, compassion and commitment. It has a fully automated pathology lab and Radio diagnostic lab. The hospital is recognized for its world class hospitality services, which includes:- Central Air Conditioning Systems Intensive Care Unit including Neo-natal ICU Major Operation Theatres and Minor OT 24 Hrs Emergency Services Medically Equipped Ambulance with Transport Ventilators Affiliated Blood Bank Pharmacy Udayan Hospital specializes in many Departments and Divisions to handle emergent critical conditions and to cater the incoming queries:- Departments: Department of Neurosciences Department of Critical Care and Anaesthesiology Department of Gastroenterology Department of General Medicine Internal Medicine Nephrology & Urology Department of General Surgery Department of Paediatrics Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of Pathology Department of Otorinolryngiology Divisions: Division of Respiratory Medicine Division of Cardiology Division of Ophthalmology Division of Oncology Division of Orthopaedics There are a number of facilities that are provided to both in and out patients visiting the Hospital for different reasons and requirements..


Our Best Offers