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Primus ENT and dental care

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State: New Delhi NCR


Dental clinics in Delhi/NCR are marching ahead to become number one destination for dental problems. They offer world class treatment using latest material and equipments. The  services include orthodontic, painless dental implant, teeth whitening and cleaning,  endodontic, radiology, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, oral and maxillofacial surgery and prosthodontics etc. Dental clinics in Delhi/NCR have the best dentist in Delhi/NCR catering to patients from India and abroad. Professional dental service is provided with the help of latest equipments. These clinics have been so designed and equipped to treat patients without any stress and under hygienic conditions.

The latest technology and experienced doctors ensure that every procedure is carried out effectively. The technology of digital radiography uses computerized images, which can be stored, manipulated, and corrected. In addition to saving time, it also minimizes the radiation exposure to the patients by at least 10 times compared to a conventional X-ray film. The magnification of the digital images also enhances the diagnostic capability as well as treatment efficiency of the operator. Due to the clear advantage of the digital images and to the important educational component of online images presented to the patient, the digital radiography has completely replaced conventional radiography. Equipments are available with zoom whitening system-the gold standard for tooth whitening. Not only is it safe and comfortable, results produced are the best and long – lasting. Rotary endodontic increases comfort of the patients. There are reputed dentist in Delhi/NCR who are highly qualified and competent. Some of the best clinics and dentist in Delhi/NCR are given below:

  • Monica Chawla at Primus ENT and Dental Clinic is one of the leading dentists in Faridabad. She has more than 10 years of experience in Dentistry. Her clinic is amongst the top most dental clinics in Faridabad equipped with all the latest dentistry equipments. Few of the treatments provided are cosmetic dentistry, root planning and scaling, dental cleaning, etc.
  • Amandeep Singh Dhillon at Dental Bliss is a consultant periodontist and implantologist in Greater Kailash. He has more than 7 years of experience in periodontics and implantation and is M.D.S. He diagnoses, treats and prevents the gum infections caused by microorganisms like bacteria. Dr. Amandeep Singh Dhillon has treated cases of severe gum infection. His clinic offers various treatments like root planning and scaling and dental implants.
  • Rachna Aggarwal at Perfect Dental Care Clinic is a specialist in dentistry. She has more than 10 years of experience in Dentistry and is a B.D.S & P.G&a

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