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Organ Transplant

organ transplant,organ donation

What is organ transplant?

An organ is any part of the body that is specialized to perform a function. Organ Transplantation is the process in which a biological organ or tissue from a person is transplanted to an injured or an unhealthy person whose organ has failed to function. This process gives an unhealthy person a chance to live again as organ failure can shorten the life span of that person.

The person who gives the organ is known as the donor and the person who receives the organ is known as the Recipient.

The organ Donors may be living or brain dead or circulatory dead.

The most common type of Organ transplant that is done worldwide is Kidney Transplant.

Which Organs can be transplanted?

Very few people are acknowledged with the list of organs that can be transplanted. It will be surprising to many that along with organs tranlaspnt, Tissues can also be transplanted. Organ and Tissue Donation is a gift of life. Organs and tissues that can be transplanted are:


  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Pancreas
  • Intestine
  • Heart


  • heart Valves
  • EyesCorneas(Corneas are the outer layer of the eye)
  • Femoral and Sephonous veins
  • Skin
  • Tendons
  • Bone marrow transplant


Who needs organ transplant?

When a person falls ill and his organ starts failing or if the person meets with an accident which leads to damage of the organ, then organ transplant is needed. Organ transplant depends on many factors. These factors are accessed by the doctor to ensure that the organ transplant will be successful. The doctor checks the medical suitability of the patient before the suggestion of organ transplant.

What are the benefits of organ transplant?

The very basic advantage that organ transplant provide is that you are giving life to a person. It makes the donor a life giver. The recipient is relived form the pain and long suffering.

What are the problems faced in organ transplant?

Recovery is a long process as the body takes time to adjust with the new organ. For the recovery process to be completed successfully, the transplant team plays an important role as they work closely with the patient so that the patient’s body can get accustomed to the new organ. Post transplant, proper medicines are prescribed to the patient. Different types of Immunosuppressant  given.


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