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Cancer Treatments

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What is Cancer?
Cancer is a name given to a disease when there is uncontrolled division of cells which leads to malevolent growth of tumor which is very painful.
Our body is made up of trillions of cells, Cancer can start anywhere in the body.
When the uncontrolled division of cells led to malignant tumors, there are chances of them to be grown again even if they are removed. These tumors when formed, affect the nearby tissues also.
Cancer is not just one disease. It can start anywhere in the body.

For E.g., Breast cancer, lungs cancer, colon cancer or blood cancer.

How is cancer treatment determined?
Cancer is a very complex disease and to know the exact cause for it is difficult. There are chances wherein cancer runs in the family genes but only few portion of cancer is inherited
Cancer can also be caused by excessive intake if tobacco and smoke form cigar or cigarette.
IN cancer treatment, it is assured that all the cancer cells are removed from the body. The whole process is along procedure as it takes time to remove cancer completely form the body.

Many types of treatment are used to remove cancer. Some of them, are:-

  •  Chemotherapy
  •  Surgery
  •  Radiation therapy
  •  Hormonal therapy
  • Immunotherapy

Surgery is used to remove cancer if it is confined in one organ of the body. For eg if the cancer is breast cancer, then half of the breast is removed or in prostate cancer, the prostate gland might be removed.
In Chemotherapy as the name suggests is the chemical treatment of the cancer, in which drugs are used to cure cancer. This practice is has been In use from Greek times and many new drugs are being developed now.

  • These drugs kill cancer directly.
  • There are drugs which shrink cancer tumors so that pain becomes less.
  •  They are also used to cure pain.

As already known, in cancer the cells divide and grow, which results in the production of a painful tumor. In chemotherapy, these cells are either killed or stopped from the further growth by the use of the anti-cancer drugs (as sometimes called)

The duration of the chemotherapy treatment depends on the extent of the cancer the patient suffers from. Also the dosage of the drugs and its frequency depends on the same. The chemotherapy is done in cycles.

Different types of cancer treatment?
Which cancer treatment is best for you, is decided by the stage of your cancer . There are cases when surgery will respond to your cancer better than chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
Many types of drugs are produced and many new are produced in the new technology, so that cancer can be cured 100%.
For cancer treatment a team of doctors is needed to get proper advice on each and every small thing. There needs to be an accurate solution for cancer by a team of radiation oncologist, surgeon, and medical oncologist.

The Radiation therapy is similar to the Xrays. In this therapy via rays cancer is removed. These rays are used to shrink or damage the cancer cells form the patients DNA and also disable them to grow or divide again.

Different types of rays can be used for cancer treatment. X-rays, gamma rays or other charge particles can be used.

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