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The term “Ayurveda” has derived from two words “Ayur”-“life” and “Veda”-knowledge or science. This term ayurveda means knowledge or science of life. With this understanding, one of the oldest systems of medicine is developed. The fundamentals of Ayurveda can be found in ancient history books of Hindus “Vedas”.

It works on the principle that our body is connected to our mind and our mind is the source of power which can heal all the problems.

Ayurveda enables the body to live a vibrant and healthy life

What Ayurveda does?

It aims at preserving life by curing the illness and healing the sick. Ayurveda is different from conventional medicines. The conventional medicine aims at treating the symptoms of the ill patient whereas ayurveda aims at treating the whole body which includes curing the patient form the disease. Ayurveda aims at taking care of the root of the problem. It ensures that the root cause of the disease is cured.

There are different types of treatment that are given in ayurveda. Few of them are mentioned below:-

  • ElaKizhi (PatraPotaliSwedan) /Medicinal leaves/ herbs bundles- This is the process in which medicinal leaves are cut into very small pieces and then are processed into medicated oil. This oil is applied on the whole body or any specific part of the body for the sudation treatment.
  •  Pizhichil- This type of treatment is used for arthritis, paralysis or weakness. IN this the medicated oil Is applied all over the body on uniform rhythmic way.
  •  Nasya- Application of medicated oil to the nostrils
  •  Sirodhara- Continuoes application of medicated oil on the head
  •  Karnapooranam- Application of medicated oil on the ear to improves the sound perception of the ear.
  •  Greeva vasti/Kati vasti/Uro vasti- Application of the medicate oil on the upper back cervical, lower back on the upper middle of the chest is beneficial to reduce the pain in these parts.

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