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Adjustable Gastric Band

adjustable gastric band ,agb

Adjustable Gastric Band


Adjustable gastric band (AGB) is a surgery which is minimally invasive of all other types of Bariatric Surgeries. It is a surgery with least complexity and is completely safe in terms of organ functioning and food absorption in the body. AGB is suggested to people who are over obese and are facing physical challenges due to their excessive weight.

Adjustable gastric band is placed around the upper part of the stomach and it creates a small pouch where less amount of food is stored and it gets digested in a slower pace. The patient feels satisfied and filled for a longer period of time which gradually helps in losing weight. Due to the less complexity in surgery, Adjustable Gastric Bands is the most opted surgical solution for weight loss.

The band helps the patients reduce weight by the following mechanisms:-

  • Adjustable Gastric Band limits the food intake and gives a feeling of satisfaction earlier
  • The band moderates the entry of sustenance from the pocket to the lower some portion of the stomach

Perfect adjustment of the band is imperative for weight loss and for the complete success of the procedure.

The gastric band is arranged by bringing a saline solution, set simply under the skin. A particular non-coring needle is utilized to stay away from harm to the port layer and anticipate spillage. There are many port outlines, (for example, prominent and low profile), and they might be put in changing positions in light of the specialist's inclination, yet are constantly appended (through sutures, staples, or another technique) to the muscle divider in and around the stomach.

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